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Day Traders

Track your trade entry and exit on interactive chart, and write a thought or two, import your trade history and start journaling your trades now!

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How does TradeNikki work?

Trade Journaling

You entries and exits are plotted automatically on the interactive chart to get you started! Add a note to remember your trade strategies and use tags to organize them.

  • Interactive chart with technical studies
  • Write your note and strategies
  • Tag with keyword for your quick references
Trade journal

Trade Calendar

See your green-day and red-day in one glance. Keep track of your progress per day!

  • Auto-generated profit/loss calendar
  • Summorize monthly performances
  • Year-round calendar
Trade calendar

Trade Reporting

Learn from trading performance report and improve your trading.

  • Key trading performance statistics
  • Win/Loss Ratio
  • ...and many more metrics!
Trade reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

TradeNikki is an online trade journaling service for day traders.

We support U.S Market.

We support TD Ameritrade, Interactive Broker, Lightspeed, and TradeZero. If you don't see your broker, don't worry, you can use our generic import to add your trade.

It is FREE. Our platform is making money from advertisements, and that's how we earn our morning coffees. But of cause, for those who hate ads, you can get rid of them by subscribing to premium plan Check our pricing.

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