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How to Earn ETH and BTC from your Laptop or Desktop Computers

CUDO miner

So you’re interested in mining BTC or ETH from your laptop and desktop computer. Let me introduce CUDO Miner. CUDO Miner is a free installable software both on Mac or Windows machine that mines cryptocurrencies.

What is Cudo Miner?

CUDO Miner gives you a mining tool, and with one simple click, you can start mining cryptocurrencies.

Which cryptocurrencies can I mine?

Payouts can be set to the following coins:

  • ETH Etherium
  • BTC Bitcoin
  • XMR Monero
  • RVN Ravencoin

Cudo Miner worth trying?

Using my 10 years old Mac Book Pro wasn’t really performing well, and only made me a pocket change. It will probably worth it more using a gaming computer with powerful graphic cards. However, you can also earn referral incomes from 1st degree (your friend) and 2nd-degree referrals (your friend’s friend) when they start to mine crypto through your link, so that’s something to think about.

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